Friday, May 8, 2009

No More Army!!!

Today is D's last day of work for the Army. He went to get a few papers signed & he is done! He goes on terminal leave starting Monday & then is officially out of the Army in early June. The 6th if I remember right. We are so excited, no more deployments, no more field exercises, no more drama. I am also a little nervous. He hasn't started looking for a job yet but hopefully he will find something quickly. He's a smart and super talented man & an amazing mechanic so praying he will be fine. We took a picture today of his "last day in uniform". He has done such an amazing job. He did 2 tours to Iraq in his 5 years enlisted. The first for a year & the second for 15 months. It's definitely taken its toll on him but now we can move forward & we are so excited about our "new life".