Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Part of Being a Mommy is Getting Puked On.... No Wait Definately Not That!

So maybe a blog about getting thrown up on is really not appropriate amidst my "food blogs" but I'm a momma and I vowed to blog about what it's all really like so here it is!
Last night D I decided to go see Grease with C. We haven't had a night out as a family really since he got home from deployment. The play was good & the leads had amazing voices. Acting was a bit so-so in parts but what do you expect from a lot of young actors. All in all they were pretty amazing.

C has been a little stuffy all day but nothing too major. She had been running around playing all day, so when she started complaining that her tummy hurt on the way there I ignored it, as this is something she often does for attention. About 5 minutes after we find our seats she started complaining "mommy I'm gonna throw up". Again she looked fine, was a little tired so I ignored her for the moment. Not even 5 minutes into the play she started to cry and say she had to throw up so I got up to take her outside, glad I didn't wait much longer! As I lifted C over the lap of a fairly large man sitting on the end he said "If you wait just a minute I can get up" I smiled politely while thinking in my head "Mister if I wait a minute you're going to have a lap full of throw up!" I had no time to spare so I climbed over his lap as well, but smiled at him.... Hey a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do! The minute we opened the door C puked in my hand! Lovely.... Took her to the bathroom, got cleaned up & she said she felt much better. She had eaten 2 bowls of chocolate cereal for dinner (I know I know... what kind of mom am I feeding my child chocolate cereal for dinner!) so maybe she just ate too much is what I'm thinking. So off we go back to enjoy the rest of the play. It was going well enough until the final number. C started whining & saying she was going to throw up again. Just 2 minutes earlier she had been giggling & fine so again I put it off... BIG mistake. D looked over at her face & said "uh honey you might want to get her out of here". I took one look at C & bolted as fast as possible.... Not fast enough. Not only did I get puked on, she threw up in the aisle, in the corridor outside and in the trash can. So glad the play was over at that point! As I'm in the hall trying to get her to the trash can this woman working there is holding a roll of papertowels & just staring at me! Finally about 5 minutes after C is standing at the trash can she thinks to offer me some papertowels for my hand. Gee thanks lady but no I really love standing here holding my daughter's puke! So much for our fun family night out!
(Before we left when everyone was puke-free!)