Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Body, HUGE Attitude

So our darling daughter Chloe has ALWAYS been extremely strong-willed and stubborn. I have tried to remind myself this will be a great quality for her to have when she is an adult, however at 5 it's getting pretty tiring. The past few weeks have been interesting with her. Temper tantrums, serious attitude & the opinion that she knows so much more than mommy & daddy because as she says "when you get old you forget everything, and mommy you are OLD!". I've tried to chalk up the recent outbursts to all the changes happening in her life lately; i.e. daddy coming home, new house, new school, etc. However this week... I feel at my limit. After numerous time-outs, "groundings", and no TV she still refuses to behave. Last night she finally got her "fun" privileges back only to have them taken away again by daddy. I was in the kitchen cleaning out the fridge but apparently Chloe was doing something she shouldn't have been & was irritating Derek... He asked her to stop over & over. She would stop for a second & then start up again. Well finally he told her to stop or she would be in trouble again to which she replied "OK" and stood in front of him & committed the offense defiantly in front of him. She then asked, should I go sit on my bed now.... Maybe this "grounding" thing needs a new twist! I thought the terrible two's ended at three!!! How can someone with the face of an angel be such a little devil?!?!